Cold Town Beer is a small Scottish craft brewery based in the heart of Edinburgh that has seen a 300% increase in sales over the past 5 years through crafting exceptional brews that resonate with their consumers. Nevertheless, they strongly believe that they don’t want to stay static, that they want to lead from the front and keep evolving. In 2024, they welcome the revitalised brand and new 3-part range, specifically showcasing this at In-Drinks.

In 2023, Cold Town Beer commissioned highly experienced brand building consultants, Because Brands Matter Ltd and began a thorough interrogation of the Cold Town Beer brand.

They listened intently to the feedback provided through thorough focus groups, understanding that the packaging is just as important as the liquid inside. With this in mind, they have embarked on a journey of rebranding to better reflect the essence of Cold Town Beer and to elevate the consumer experience.

Their rebranding efforts have resulted in a fresh, contemporary visual identity that reflects the spirit of Cold Town Beer. From fonts to colour schemes, every element has been carefully curated to resonate with their audience.

Having also learned about the need for greater clarity, Cold Town Beer has split their product range into three – easily understood – sections.

  1. Lab Range (Experimental brews): Dive into their experimental side with innovative Flavours and brewing techniques.
  2. Core Range: Their timeless classics, brewed to perfection for everyday enjoyment.
  3. Co-Lab Range (Collaborations with other brewers and breweries): Join them on collaborative adventures with like-minded brewers, pushing boundaries and creating unique brews.

Why They’ve Changed

Their rebranding isn't just about aesthetics; it's about meeting the evolving needs and preferences of their consumers:

  • Storytelling and Transparency: They believe in transparency and want their consumers to know the passion and craftsmanship behind each Cold Town brew.
  • Visual Synergy and Consistency: Consumers appreciate coherence in design, making it easier to identify and connect with the brand.
  • Value for Money with 440ml Format: They understand the importance of offering value without compromising on quality, and their larger cans deliver just that.


At Cold Town Beer, they’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation. With their fresh perspective and renewed focus, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of exploration and enjoyment. Cheers to new beginnings!

To book your place at In Drinks, contact

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