NOMOQ: Redefining Sustainable Digital Printing

NOMOQ pioneers sustainable digital printing, eliminating minimum order quantities and welcoming small and medium beverage brands into the fold. The mission is clear: to infuse vibrancy into the beverage industry by transforming aluminium cans into indefinitely recyclable works of art.

Paula Dickson, Sales Director at InDrinks 2024, remarked:

"We are proud to partner with NOMOQ once again for InDrinks 2024. Our annual event champions start-ups and sustainable practices and NOMOQ's affordable, high-quality solutions align with our dedication to sustainability and supporting businesses of all sizes. To celebrate the partnership, we’ve collaborated on exclusive water cans created especially for our guests."

Creativity Unleashed, Quickly

So what makes NOMOQ so unique? The forward thinking digital printing and packaging company empowers creativity with cans as expansive canvases, offering a spectrum of colours and finishes. The service encompasses various can types, printed or non-printed blank cans, which are available at

Simply create an account at, upload your design, receive a free sample and approve the final product on very quick timescales with almost no set-up cost.

The Art of Collaboration

NOMOQ's team offers collaborative design  support, giving access to more than 20 designers across different markets, allowing customers to become a part of a unique design community. By bringing an international team of expert designers together, NOMOQ can work with businesses to create stunning new designs that are genuinely unique and stand out on a shelf. For customers with can filling needs, NOMOQ also facilities the collaboration with a variety of co-packers.

Redefining Sustainability

In an era where sustainability is paramount, NOMOQ remains committed to responsible packaging, minimising waste and a company’s carbon footprint, and the partnership with InDrinks showcases a mutual dedication to eco-conscious innovation.

NOMOQ’s cans are 100% recyclable and with a UK production site, transport is not only cost effective for delivery to UK warehouses, but it is also as eco-friendly as possible. To maximise efficiency and reduce transportation costs, NOMQO can also combine printed and undecorated or non=printed blank can orders in one delivery. Customers can, therefore, achieve fully digitally printed cans, removing the need for unnecessary plastic or labels.

Patrick Schweizer, CCO & Co-Founder of NOMOQ, stated:

“We invite potential customers of all sizes, from startup to large scale businesses, to use the power of NOMOQ’s digitally printed cans. The simple process starts with a free printed sample of your unique design or alternatively, find more products including our new blank cans service via our website. Both combined can streamline costs and supply chains for a simpler, creative and greener packaging solution.”

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