Making a flying visit to this year’s In Drinks, BrewDog will be showcasing its latest launch - Wingman from BrewDog - an easy drinking session-strength IPA with a steady boozing altitude of 4.3% ABV.



Recognising the demand for an uncomplicated, stand-out session-strength IPA and taking inspiration from US craft beer brands, BrewDog aims to cater to the modern drinker, while recruiting new ones through Wingman’s casual and playful positioning, building on the strength and momentum of session IPA in the on-trade.


Session IPA is the most valuable draught craft beer in the on-trade and growing, with the current market leader worth £155m. With 51% of Craft Drinkers saying they would choose BrewDog brands if available[1], BrewDog is well placed to challenge the category and drive additional value, thanks to its leading brand position and the highest purchase intent of other craft beer brands[2].


Receiving a strong rating in consumer testing, Wingman always has your back. A maverick of a Session IPA, it offers a smooth ride of mellow tropical fruits, piney notes and a sharp citrus aroma. Refreshing and infinitely drinkable.




The brand will also be introducing its new Wingman Eagle character, which takes centre stage across all platforms, making the brand instantly recognisable, intending to drive excitement and additional value into craft beer.


Ready to earn your wings? Fly by the BrewDog bar at In-Drinks this March to find out more and sample Wingman for yourself.

[1] CGA Brand Builder 2022
[2] YouGov Brand Index 1st Jan 2022 to 24th April 2023 – 12wk rolling moving average – Beer Drinker Audience

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